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1,000,000 Conversations.
By Natalie Hennesay
Spirited Women’s Network

Someone once said, “Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.” So what happens when the opposite occurs? What happens when at five years of age you have a vision of what is your calling is and when you tell someone they ignore it? Stacey Huish’s story is an example of the potency of adult influence over children and the importance of true communication.

When she was five, Stacey had a vision and saw herself teaching, not in a classroom but to the world. She felt that her message was important and that it would be needed to help heal humanity. She drew a picture of herself standing on the top of the earth teaching to a group of children of all colours of the rainbow. She didn’t question this knowledge, how she knew or even how it would be accomplished, but held it close to heart in the knowing of her truth.

When she shared this vision with many adults around her, it was quickly dismissed, belittled and forgotten. The more Stacey tried to impress the importance of this message, the more it was discouraged and ignored. When all the adults she spoke to chose not to listen, to not encourage her dream, Stacey pulled away and retreated into her shell. As a child feeling hurt and unloved, she made the decision to just be quiet, to guard her vision as a treasure. From that point on Stacey hardly ever spoke, only offering the bare minimum of conversation. This behaviour continued into both her primary and senior years in school. Her quiet, reserved personality meant that she was often labeled as weird. Other children don’t want to be friends with weird kids. It was a lonely existence but not talking had become such an ingrained pattern that Stacey couldn’t break the mold. Deep inside she knew that she couldn’t let her mission die, but she didn’t want to express it any more either. She just knew she would hold it close to her heart and make it happen one day.

However it did influence some choices in her life. At seven Stacey began an autobiography because she knew that eventually people would want to know about her story. After leaving school she studied business management, predicting that in time that would be important to the creation of her dream. Unfortunately the pain and loneliness of not communicating, of not feeling heard or validated influenced her on a choice that would change her life forever. At nineteen she was offered drugs and she took them.

She took them for twelve months because they helped her cope in a world where the hurt of no-body listening and relating was just too hard. They masked the pain in her heart and they also masked her ongoing sickness. Over that twelve month period Stacey contracted tonsillitis, glandular fever and pneumonia. She ended up clinically dead in the hospital, with the majority of her organs shutting down. To the surprise of the doctor she actually survived. The result though was that she couldn’t move her limbs or talk and she was told it would take at least six months to recover. In fact with the condition her body was in, she should not have made it at all.

At the time the one and only thing Stacey had control over was her mind and she decided that she could just work with that. She imagined the doctors taking out all of her decaying organs and replacing them with healthy ones. She visualized herself well, mending and walking out of the hospital. One week later she did just that. It was still a slow recovery – almost twelve months where all she did was sleep up to 20 hours a day and attend one dance class a week. Hours of recuperating and healing.

Stacey realized that many of her issues stemmed from the fact that she didn’t know how to communicate properly, how to express and have her needs met. Consequently she set out to learn everything she could about effective communication, travelling to New Zealand and Sydney to accomplish this. From effective listening, neuro-linquistic programming, anger management, forgiveness and communication styles – Stacey absorbed it all. The more she traveled and met people from all different walks of life…. And the more she thought about it, the more she realized that this was a universal infliction. How many people in the world are in pain and confusion because they aren’t being heard or aren’t listening to those who matter in their lives? Learning to communicate successfully changed her life, empowered her being and gave her the means to achieve her mission.

And what a mission it is….. Stacey states,

“My goal is to improve 1,000,000 family relationships, 1,000,000 classroom relationships, 1,000,000 workplace relationships and 1,000,000 cross cultural relationships, in every city, in every country all around the world. My mission is to be the paradigm shift and the guiding light for the way in which every person in the world communicates with each other. I will share and impart practical, useful knowledge effecting positive change in groups of people all over the world. Having every person in the world feeling loved, appreciated and accepted,

“ I will believe in others until they can believe in themselves. And I will do this through LOVE and Acceptance” – Stacey Huish

Stacey now teaches people with this mission in mind. She has devised programs to address and teach effective communication in families, schools, work places, and differing cultures. She shows people how to take out the guess work, the assumptions, the defenses and to truly and respectfully express and more importantly, listen and understand. Her methods are opening doors for many people who have been locked in a vicious cycle of communication chaos.

Understanding to accomplish her mission she can not do it alone, Stacey has mentored her first ‘trainer’ with the intention of developing a group of highly qualified trainers to spread across the globe sharing her vision. Her long term vision included safe homes for children in need and a school for those children who like herself have a vision and a burning desire but no-one to nourish it. I’m sure if anyone can hold that vision true it will be Stacey.

It could be said that without going through what she did Stacey may never have found a means to effect her vision. Because of what she went through relating to people struggling to express and respond is second nature to her. Through her own drive and passion, Stacey now has a life of depth, meaning and yes wonderful conversations. She would wish that for everyone. Stacey says – “Communication is the backbone of life that creates our world” – and teaching the world to communicate is what Stacey is here to do!

Stacey Huish Creating the World’s Best Communicators. Stacey is a Published Author, Trainer, Seminar Presenter, Business Coach, Life Coach and Public Speaker. Stacey has inspired many different people to make positive changes in their own lives through the use of effective communication skills. Stacey is the paradigm shift for the way people communicate with each other, and aspires to be the “Effective Communication Ambassador” To download the Free Report “ Tips on effective communication skills” or when the next course is please visit