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“It gives me alternative solutions in relationships where I’ve felt stuck. Everybody needs this. It can change the world!”
Kristi Bergroth – Social Worker



This is one of the best courses I have ever done. As a Mother of 26 years – I wish I had done this when my children were born. As a Wife – I wish I had done this prior to marriage or with my husband 30 years ago. As a Salesperson of 20 years – I could have been even more successful. Good program. Very well put across. Stacey is the same age as my son and I admire her communication abilities immensely. She has helped me and I thank her for this course.
K. Veivers Mother, Wife, Sales Rep



Very useful, practical, real results each week – this was unexpected but delightful. Professionally conducted. “If you only had to do one Communication Skills Course do this one because it’s easy but very effective!”
Z. Burrow Child Care



Very Inspiring, Stacey you can communicate well with others. Great speaker, motivating and uplifting. Thank You.
L Diano Hair Dresser/Sales Assistant

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I would like to thank you for this. I feel it has meet everything in what it set out to achieve, for me it has.
C. Griffiths Homoeopath



Great course to connect with your values and goals. Takes practice but can improve relationships.
A. McEwen Parent



I liked the program. Very insightful on topics that I could see an improvement.
J. Ramscar Parent



I found this program to be excellent. Stacey was a great teacher. To be honest if everyone did this such program, the world would be much better. On Stacey- I found Stacey’s role plays to be fantastic!
D. Home Football Coach



Excellent! Thank you! Stacey is extremely respectful with subject matter and interpersonally.
C. Sutton Operational Officer

Enjoyable and Interesting. Manual is a really good idea. Enjoyed the concepts presented. Found it very worthwhile.
S. Hauff Teacher


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I now feel I am able to resolve conflicts where all parties go away feeling like they have won….
A. Brown Library Technician



An enlightening experience. It was something new for me in terms of the values. I thought Stacey was very respectful of all seminar participants. Excellent!
B. Jones Mental Health Rehabilitation



This is the second time I have done this program. Within one week of the last session I identified the problems in my career and found the courage and the reason to move on. My life has come together in so many facets of my life, career and relationship since then.
M Sutton



Very enjoyable, interactive, fun and positively uplifting.
M. Bowden Center Manager



“The skills you will learn will transform your life. You’ll wonder how you managed without these skills in the past. You will be able to express yourself in a way that respects the integrity of yourself and others.”
Shirley de Villiers – Teacher and Parent

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“Absolutely great. Go for it. Everyone can use and learn form it. Would be amazing to have everyone doing this as early as possible!”
Ivy Tapsell – Parent and Parent Training Representative



“The material is structured and presented so that it allows participants to learn new skills at a deep level in a way that’s relevant and respectful.”
Patricia Russell – Staff Development Officer



“Very worthwhile in all relationships and general dealings with all people in all walks of life.”
Veronica Van Lingen – Company Accountant



“Do it!”
Jack Tawhai – Locomotive Engineer

To see video Testimonies please visit our YouTube site by Clicking Here