Improving Parent/Child Communication

I am on a mission. My goal is to have every mother, father and child feeling listened to, understood and loved around the world.

Good communication is a necessity in every family unit. Communication helps mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers listen to and understand one another. Relaxed, comfortable communication keeps family relationships happy and together and it’s what helps to resolve any family conflict that may arise.

Communication is the KEY which unlocks the doors in families.

• Communication is the KEY to less resistance and more cooperation with your children.
• Communication is the KEY which allows family members to understand one other.
• Communication is the KEY for resolving conflicts between parents and children.
• Communication is the KEY to let family members know what your needs are and how best to meet those needs.
• Communication is the KEY to fewer struggles between siblings.
• Communication is the KEY to building self-confidence and self-esteem.
• Communication is the KEY to feeling listened to by one another.
• Communication is the KEY to mutual respect.
• Communication is the KEY to everyone feeling comfortable to be themselves.
• Communication is the KEY to more fun for everyone in families.

However, while we know good communication would be preferable to bad communication, the truth is there are lots of families struggling to improve their communication skills in the world.

Parents and children all have their own wants and needs. As parents, you aim to be the best parents for your children. You want them to know they are loved unconditionally. You want to give your children everything they ask for, but sometimes there are situations in life where the budget just won’t stretch that far and you have to be strong and say ‘No’.

As parents, you want to feel understood. You want your children to listen to you and to help out around the house without having to be asked over and over again and without having to offer rewards so that it actually gets done. You want to feel heard, respected, appreciated, special, to feel important. Basically, you want to have the relationship back to a time when everything was happy and loving.

Can you relate to any of the following situations?

You are at the supermarket and your child is not listening to you. The little darling is running down the aisles pulling things off the shelf. You have very nicely asked them to stop doing it, but they ignore you.

Or they have just discovered a nice piece of chewing gum stuck on the floor under the shelving, and they have gotten down onto the floor to go and pick it up.‘Please don’t do that, Mummy has asked you very nicely not to do that!’

Or you are in a hurry in the mornings and the child is refusing to let you put clothes on them. ‘Come on please, I’m in a hurry, we are going to be late if you don’t let me put these clothes on’.

Or your child has just found some crayons and has started to draw on the wall. ‘Don’t do that. That’s naughty!’

Do any of these situations sound familiar?
• How do you make this child listen to you?
• How do you make this child understand what needs to be done?
• How do you stop the child from being naughty?

So the question is, what communication skills are going to work to improve your rapport and communication with your children?

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