We spend a third of our lives working, exchanging our time for money to pay the bills, keep food on our table and a roof over our heads. It makes sense to try to make our work-life as congenial as possible.

Our jobs require us to perform various tasks set out by management. To undertake our tasks, we need to work closely with all our colleagues to develop a sense of teamwork. It is important to realise that the people you work with are all different, with different values and beliefs to you and you need to get along with one another to get the job done. This is wherereflective listening can assist.

There is always the potential for conflict in a workplace so it is important to be aware of conflict resolution skills. Here are a couple of examples of situations that could lead to conflict in the workplace:

For example, you have just completed a work task which you hand in to your boss. However, your boss explains that you should have been doing all these other tasks as well. This makes you feel so angry. This lack of communication between your boss and you could have been avoided if the instructions had have been clear in the beginning.

Another example is where you have recognised a problem in the workflow in your workplace. You try to communicate to your boss, but they don’t want to hear about it. They have given you the instructions and they expect you to carry them out. How infuriating! If only they listened you, they would see that you could solve the issue in a different way and you would be able to do your job more effectively and they would have the outcome that they desire.

I’m sure you can identify other examples. What it boils down to is that effective communication skills will help to prevent misunderstandings and avoid conflict.