Change your thinking, change your life

If you would like to improve your communication skills, the first step is to engage in some self-analysis to understand how your inner thoughts, values and beliefs influence your mood and behaviour. By changing your inner thoughts and attitude you really can change your life!

At the moment, you may feel like nothing is working for you and you don’t know how to change your situation. You may have tried to think positively and to visualise your dream life, but it hasn’t worked and now you are totally frustrated. You are still looking for the key that will open the door and transform your life like all the self-help books tell you.

You are not alone! Many people are having similar experiences, if not the same experience. I bet you have even watched the film or read the bookThe Secret, applied the techniques and still they have not worked for you.

It’s time to reclaim your power over your communication skills!

At any age you can add to your toolbox of communication skills. However, you need to put the effort in to learn the skills and do the work.

To analyse your inner thoughts:

Firstly, identify a goal you would like to achieve relating to improving your communication skills,

Secondly, identify your values concerning that goal, and

Finally, understand your beliefs around that goal.

Once you have engaged in some self-analysis to understand how what you think about influences you and your relationships, take a look at our toolbox of communication skills for a variety of techniques to assist you to improve your communication.