Love Languages

Love Languages
are Different for Everyone

Everyone in the world wants to feel loved and appreciated, but did you know that love can be expressed in at least five ways?

Do you like giving and receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, words of appreciation or acts of service? Today we can start to become aware of how we give and receive love.

Find out which love language you prefer by completing Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages quiz:

In this online version there are versions for men and women as well as a version for the parents of children and teenagers!

Read more about the 5 Love Languages on this page:

Once you know what your love language is, you could share the information with the important people in your life and ask them to share what their love language is with you.

By becoming aware of what your preferred ways of receiving love and appreciation are you can start to pay attention to the ways that the people around like to have appreciation expressed to them. This is a valuable tool to share with every person you come in contact with in your life.

Once you’ve done the test, it would be fun if you could post your results on our Facebook page or on our blog.

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Global Love Letters



being received by people is a part of having everyone feel loved in the world.


Get on board and start to express love to those around you.


This is the language of love in full flow. Think of the ripple of unconditional giving we can all create. This is about a simple intention to spread more love across the globe collectively.


You can check out their website at:

Amanda Gore talks about How to show LOVE to those around you.


Listen and watch the Youtube link below. ….