Street Interviews

Street Interviews

We are conducting street interviews where we take to the streets to ask people about their communication experiences and whether communication is important in their life and work. View their responses below.

Greg Dodge, from Dandelyon Gifts, talks about the importance of communication in relationships.

Greg Dodge Street Interview
Clint McKauge, from Accuity Financial Planning, speaks about communication in business.

Clint McKauge Street Interview
Berris Burgoyne, owner of Berris Burgoyne Naturopath, speaks about what people do when they are not feeling listened to.

Berris Burgoyne Street Interview
Darryl Greensill talks about communication being a learnt skill

Darryl Greensill Street Interview
Milton Kolas, from the Omega Driving School, speaks about the importance of communication.

Milton Kolas Street Interview
Francis McGrath, from Oasis Living, speaks about the importance of communication and rituals.

Francis McGrath Street Interview

If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact us using the form below: